Door on security

We want to replace our external office door with something that, as well as giving us fire and security protection, will also reduce the noise from the busy road outside. Is there a product available which combines all of these features?

In normal circumstances, composite steel doors are used where higher performance levels are required and there are a number of products on the market that individually provide what you need. Fire doors are available which provide protection for up to four hours.

Acoustic doors can be purchased with attenuation up 60dB, which is a very high performance level; subjectively, every 6dB reduction is a halving of the sound intensity. Also steel doors can be bought from specialist producers that are built to withstand physical attack up to the highest levels specified by commercial and government bodies.

However, Booth Industries, a specialist steel door producer that has been in business for 140 years, has recently developed two premium multi-purpose doors which combine fire protection for up to four hours, security performance up to security standard LPS1175 level three – an attack procedure using power tools and crowbars – and sound attenuation to a maximum of 48dB.

These doors also come with the requisite documentation proving that accredited bodies have carried out tests. The security rating meets the Secured by Design standard and the fire resistance conforms to building regulations. And, if you need that extra security, the doors can also be manufactured with additional blast resistance.


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