In focus: How to engage employees through creative communication

When it comes to engaging and inspiring your employees, what actually works? Here are the Synergy Creative ‘10 steps’ for your campaign, to help motivate and deliver action and results.

1. Leadership

Support from the top is essential to the success of any engagement campaign. People need to know that the campaign has the full backing of your management team.

2. Get to know your staff
Research to discover which messages and channels will really connect. Recruit ambassadors to help, and involve them from the start.

3. Keep it simple
Distil your message into two or three key points. State them clearly and consistently.

4. Plan
A sustained, phased campaign is more effective than a one-off, especially when linked to your business goals.

5. Engage managers
Provide them with communications tools and support to engage teams effectively in conversation.

6. Strong creative theme
A striking design theme gets cut through, attracts attention and holds all your communications together

7. Start a dialogue
Communicate using a variety of online and offline channels, and encourage responses.

8. Involvement
Successful campaigns involve employees at the start.

9. Feedback
Continuous feedback and tweaking helps improve the campaign as it continues.

10. Celebrate and reward
It’s hugely important to recognise and reward employee achievement and success.

At Synergy Creative, we develop creative and engaging design and employee communication campaigns. If you want to know more, request our guides Vision & Values: How To Bring Them Alive and Engaging Remote Employees.

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