Andrew Marr on the road to recovery

TV presenter on the Israeli firm which helped get him moving again.

Marr forced to smile less

UK patients who suffer from neurological injury or disease are lacking services to help them complete exercises which can aid them in recovery, says broadcaster Andrew Marr, who had a stroke in January.

Marr says: “My belief is that this country needs to spend a lot more on rehabilitation and physiotherapy. There are huge numbers that could go back to work, pay tax and look after themselves with enough rehabilitation, but ultimately are not paying taxes, are not going to work, and who the state will have to look after in the long term.

“There are community services, but that depends entirely on the local authority. They are very varied and they rarely give you enough occupational and physiotherapy.”

Marr used a device called ArmTutor, made by Israeli firm MediTouch, which provides physical rehabilitation solutions for orthopaedic and neurological injury and disease, to improve his functional arm ability. “That certainly aided my rehabilitation,” he says.

Ongoing rehabilitation treatment is also necessary for patients who have neurological injury as, if they do not continue to exercise, they can lose movement. Use of the HandTutor and ArmTutor have shown measurable benefits in adults and children with impairment in the use of their upper extremities, following stroke, spinal cord injury, celebral palsy, MS and Parkinson’s disease. “If you find a device like the MediTouch that works for you, it is worth the investment,” says Marr. “It may cost money, but if it helps get you back to work, how much is that worth?

“If it helps you live your life and do basic things like cooking and cleaning and getting yourself dressed, how much is that worth? It is worth a huge amount.”


PhysioFunction provides MediTouch clinical support in the UK:

Tel 0800 043 0327



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