Supporting the new style of IT

Testing and releasing applications faster enables agile business.


Technology disruption, globalisation and demographic shifts are opening up opportunities to create new business models. Emerging economies have leapfrogged “land-line” communications to go directly to mobile, and increasingly pioneering innovative computing systems such as mobile payments.

Industry analyst group Gartner has predicted that by 2015 mobile application development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of four to one.

In this new style of IT, business agility is more than ever dependent on its IT. Today’s businesses can only change to address new opportunities and fight off competition as quickly as its IT systems and projects allow. This agility puts businesses at the forefront of delivering IT success. Both IT and business managers have to rethink their whole approach to planning, developing, deploying and maintaining their critical business applications.

Moreover, using traditional testing methods will not enable the modern business to compete or deliver. Therefore the ability to cut testing cycles and improve quality is a major consideration for businesses, driven by this pace of change and the competitive advantage gained by quality and speed to market.

Infuse Consulting, a global provider of quality assurance and software testing services, has been working with its partners and customers in delivering testing projects at up to 66 per cent less cost, in 50 per cent less time, while improving quality compared with traditional testing approaches.

Infuse Consulting’s service expertise is enabled by useMango™ – an innovative advanced test automation tool and framework, which integrates into industry-leading ALM (application lifecycle management) tools to deliver more consistent, better documented and reliable results from testing.

Software failures impact on application delivery time, costs and ultimately business reputations. White paper The Business Need For Agile Software And How You Can Achieve It is available for download from


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