Eurotunnel passes the environmental test with flying colours

Eurotunnel is investing a significant amount of money to make its service more efficient for hauliers and logistics companies by increasing the number of shuttles and departures, as well as expanding the size of its secure parking area.

John Keefe, director of public affairs at Eurotunnel, says: “It is a big cost and efficiency saving as drivers will be able to park their trucks inside the secure zone, minimising the risk of encroachment by illegal immigrants on French roads.” The investment will take place over the next 18 months and construction of the new shuttles will be over the coming three years.

Eurotunnel plays a big role in the supply chain. It is used by many logistics firms to deliver goods and services because, as it is extremely environmentally friendly, it helps reduce their carbon footprint.

Keefe says: “In the supply chain we carry a lot of perishable goods and high-value, low-volume parts for manufacturing and businesses. Many firms are setting more stringent environmental criteria for their logistics chains – using the Channel Tunnel gives them a significant advantage over any other form of transport across the Channel. We also provide our customers with certificates that show them how much carbon emission savings they can make using the tunnel as opposed to the ferry.

“They can use these in their negotiations with end customers to say, we are using the Channel Tunnel – not only will you have quicker and more reliable departures but we can get deliveries to you with a smaller carbon footprint.”


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