Tips for increasing conversion rates for your online store

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your site if you can’t convert that traffic into customers.

Another true thing is that you can actually end up with a lot more sales then sites that get an enormous amount of traffic if you have a good conversion rate. Here are a few tips for getting this done.


What is a conversion rate anyway?

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors that you “convert” into customers. So if you have a thousand visitors come to your site in one particular period, and a hundred of them buy something, then you have a ten per cent conversion rate.

How well you are converting visitors into customers depends on a number of different factors including the following.

  • Demographic Targeting-This means how well you’ve targeted people with your marketing campaigns. If the people you’re drawing in with your campaigns aren’t interested in your product, then you will likely have a poor conversion rate.
  • Page Load Times-The “three second rule” means that the more time the page takes to load, the less time the customers will be willing to look around your page. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep the videos and music to a minimum on the landing page to minimize loading time.
  • Formatting – It’s a good idea to use different formatting for your call to action then you do for the rest of the landing page so that a viewer’s eye will be drawn to it.

According to Eisenberg Holdings, companies often spend around $92 on average to get customers to their site, but only $1 in relative terms to try converting them. This means that if you concentrate your efforts more on conversion, you will be ahead of the game.

Use an online store service for payment

It’s certainly possible to create a store all by yourself, and to put extra effort into figuring out a way to bypass as many online payment services as possible, but the truth is that saving a few dollars in fees isn’t going to be worth the hassle. In addition, the online credit card payment services that you provide customers are going to be a factor in your conversion rate.

This is why it’s a good idea to use a service like Shopify to handle the selling part of your business. If you don’t find a solid site to help you with selling your products, then this will force you to deal with matters like online payment security by yourself. Going with a service will just make life easier.

Test your landing page

The landing page of your site is going to be one of the most critical aspects of you conversion efforts, since this is the first thing your potential customers are going to see when they click on the link in your marketing campaign.

That’s why it’s important to use a good tool for testing how your landing page is doing in real life. An example of such a tool is CrazyEgg. This tool will show you what parts of your site people like the most.

There are metrics here connected to eye tracking based on the cursor, and a lot of other data. You can use this information to change exactly what content you put on your site, where you put all of it in terms of layout, how the navigation works, and so on.

For example, if viewers aren’t clicking in a particular offer that you have “above the crease” on your page, then it might be a good idea to experiment with putting a different offer in a prominent position, and moving the previous offer down. This is just one example of information you can get about increasing conversion rate using tools like this.       

Three second principle

Another useful approach is to try and think like a customer, and one thing that’s been proven time and time again is something that’s often referred to as the three second principle or the three second rule. This basically means that a customer should be able to answer important questions about your site within a few seconds of opening up your page.

For example, they should be able to tell what sorts of products and services you offer within three seconds. They should also be able to find an easy way to access your store, or to find a call to action or a newsletter or something active they can do within a short amount of time.

Spending more time on conversion rate is almost always going to pay off since it’s such a neglected area of marketing. The higher you get that rate, the fewer new visitors you’re going to need.


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