Technology / VIDEO: 5 expert tips for App Store optimisation from Skyscanner

VIDEO: 5 expert tips for App Store optimisation from Skyscanner

Skyscanner's head of mobile marketing for Europe David Llewellyn was on hand at The Mobile Content Summit 2014 to share his best tips for app store optimisation. Keep these in mind to ensure as many people as possible discover your business's mobile offering.

1. Make the most of the title

“I think you should use the title more creatively,” says Llewellyn. “Don’t just have your brand in the app title – use some of the keywords.”

This way your app is more likely to appear in searches and potential customers can easily tell what your software does before they even read the description.

2. Use tutorials and videos on the App Store

“Don’t just use screenshots but actually mock up some creative that shows what your app does and explains the key features,” Llewellyn says.

Again, this is all about giving your users more information about what they can use your app for before they make the decision to download it.

3. Pay attention to ratings and reviews

How can you hope to improve your product if you don’t pay attention to what your customers are saying about it on the App Store?

Llewellyn says it is crucial to pay attention to reviews and ratings to find out what’s working and what could be improved in future versions.

4. Don’t try and reproduce the desktop experience

Speaking to Business Technology before the conference Llewellyn said companies should not “copy and paste” their desktop experience to mobile. Instead they should take advantage of native mobile features unavailable on a PC.

““We have not tried to recreate all of the features on the website but have instead built from scratch for the mobile device, and we have built in those features that are suitable for mobile,” he says, referring to functions like push notifications and mapping services.

5. Offer a high-quality product

At the end of the day ratings, download figures and data collection are all going to come down to the overall quality of your app.

“The challenge is product,” Llewellyn says. “[Users] want to get good value. Make sure what you’re offering is a high-quality product.”


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