Businesses waste millions on password problems

When employees have to access online and legacy applications they take dangerous shortcuts with passwords.

Businesses are more and more dependent on cloud services. Employees use online and legacy applications and store data in the cloud. Even if they are conscious about the danger of losing sensitive information and protect their organisation by well-chosen passwords they may lose control of their data. They either try to store passwords in spreadsheets or simplify them – both solutions create a dangerous crack in the security of the organisation.

“Organisations need to take back control of business passwords” says Mike Newman, CEO of My1Login, a technology company which offers a software solution for identity and access management. He believes this is also a business challenge as forgotten and lost passwords are costing millions and limiting the efficiency of the staff. Newman adds: “According to Gartner more than 25 per cent of calls are trying to restore access which is a massive investment in the remediation of unnecessary mistakes.” My1Login believes that for all companies, no matter what the size, the solution is straightforward: a single login for all employees that offers a fast, convenient and efficient workflow without compromising security. With My1Login an organisation can securely manage access to every application for all people from any of their devices.

The company is utilising the highest, military grade encryption standards on the market to ensure that there is no leakage.

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