Management / Consumers head online to search for help with new year's resolutions

Consumers head online to search for help with new year's resolutions

Businesses will need to ensure that their online customer experiences and search engine optimisation are up to scratch to capitalise on a surge inĀ consumers heading online to find products and services to help with their new year's resolutions.


According to a survey by Kentico Software, 31 per cent of American web users say they will make resolutions for 2015, with a third of those looking online for help.

38 per cent said they will look for sites and apps to help them to track their progress, and more than a quarter will be scouring blogs and websites for helpful information.

Kentico founder and CEO Petr Palas said: “With a third of Americans planning to make resolutions for the new year, it behooves digital marketers to cater to this demographic as a significant percentage of these self-improvers will be going online in search of information, products and support that can help them achieve their goals.”

The survey showed that women and those aged between 18 and 29 are the most likely to go online in search of help with their new year’s resolutions.

20 per cent said they would head onto services like Facebook, websites, blogs, and Twitter for moral support to inspire them to achieve their goals inĀ 2015.

For more information on the survey, see the Kentico Software website.


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