Management / McDonald's offers greater choice for 'Experience of the Future'

McDonald's offers greater choice for 'Experience of the Future'

McDonald's plans to give customers greater menu choice and customised burgers in an attempt to boost customer engagement after a "difficult" 2014.


The ‘Create Your Taste’ campaign, which is already running in Australia and US, allows customers to personalise their orders for a better experience.

Speaking during McDonald’s Q4 2014 results conference call, CEO Don Thompson said the ‘Experience of the Future’ would “deliver changes our customers will notice“.

He said: “We announced the changes that we are making to the US organisation to put decision-making and accountability closer to the customer.

“We redefined menu choice and personalisation with the introduction of the ‘Create Your Taste’ platform in Australia and the US.

“And we did more to bolster trust in brand McDonald’s, because we know that when our customers feel good about us and about eating at McDonald’s, they visit us more often.”

He added that further customer experience improvements were on the way, including self-order kiosks, table service and mobile orders and payments.

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