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5 amazing stats about the UK's technology industry

There are over 47,000 digital technology companies in the UK, and they're not as London-centric as you might think. As Tech City releases its first ever Tech Nation report, we bring you five amazing stats about the UK's digital industry.


1. 1.46 million people are employed by digital companies

According to Tech City’s report, this comes from Career Builder employment data from 2013. There were¬†a further 45,000 digital jobs advertised in the UK in January.

2. It’s not all about London

When Career Builder surveyed the UK’s digital tech industry in 2013, it found 251,590 workers in inner London, 61,653 in Bristol and Bath, 56,145 in Greater Manchester, 54,527 in Reading and Berkshire, and 44,951 in the Leeds area. Tech is alive well beyond the M25 – 74 per cent of the UK’s digital technology businesses are based outside of London.

3. Digital employment is set to grow by 5.4 per cent by 2020

Again, that’s according to research by Career Builder. A growth rate of 5.4 per cent is higher than the total job growth rate expected in the UK by 2020.

4. Bournemouth is home to the fastest-growing cluster

Statistics compiled by Tech City and DueDil show that Bournemouth’s tech cluster has grown by 212 per cent since 2010. The next-highest growth stood at 119 per cent in Liverpool.

5. 98 per cent of digital tech companies are small businesses

While the headlines may be dominated by the heavyweights, 98 per cent of digital tech firms in the UK are small businesses, according to figures from DueDil and Tech City.

For more insights into the UK’s technology industry, see Tech City UK’s Tech Nation 2015 report.


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