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5 most hated professions in the UK

What's the most hated profession in the UK? Take your best guess and read on to find out thanks to's What's in a Title? survey, which asked 2,000 respondents about their perceptions of different jobs. Here's what they said...

5. Lawyer [7.85 per cent]

4. Police officer [8.50 per cent]

3. Sales person [11.70 per cent]

2. Call centre operator [11.90 per cent]

1. Traffic warden [47.85 per cent]

And if you’re wondering about the most-respected professions, according to the participants in the What’s in a Title? survey they are:

5. Teacher [6.30 per cent]

4. Veterinarian [8.45 per cent]

3. Armed Forces [17.70 per cent]

2. Doctor [31.35 per cent]

1. Surgeon [33.25 per cent]


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