Management / Consumers want improved international online shopping experience

Consumers want improved international online shopping experience

Consumers want an improved online customer experience, especially when making international purchases, according to a report.


60 per cent of the 1,400 shoppers in Dyn’s survey said they would shop internationally more often if retailers improved the experience.

More than two thirds of consumers said they use online retail sites to buy across borders, but fewer than one in five said the experience exceeds expectations.

Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock said: “We know that international shopping is an important trend in e-commerce. As companies work to serve their global customer base, they also need to understand that the same strategy they use to reach local customers often does not translate to success in different geographic markets.”

13 per cent of the consumers surveyed said they were likely to switch to a competing website if they encountered a page that was slow to load.

Meanwhile, 12 per cent reported buying from brick-and-mortar retailers following page latency issues.

For more on the report, see the Dyn website.

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