Cloud: an opportunity or a threat?

Why should SMEs consider moving to the cloud?

Bryan Glick, editor-in-chief of Computer Weekly, explains how the business environment has changed and why the cloud is offering the best options for companies today when it comes to cost-efficient IT solutions. The access to previously unavailable options, such as strong accounting or inventory management softwares, in addition to the lower cost of IT services, provides great support for all organisations. The most common doubt is security: can we trust a distant server to store our sensitive data? This is one of the main reasons for hesitation, and Glick believes that the right service provider can offer a much stronger defence against attacks than an in-house solution.

Business Reporter, in association with The Telegraph, interviewed five industry leaders to highlight the most important issues about the cloud. They encourage organisations to use the benefits that Glick is praising. Furthermore, they give specific examples of the most burning questions that managers should ask before the transition.


  • SMEs can cut their costs spectacularly by moving operations to the Cloud
  • Most tech companies start their business in the Cloud
  • The right service provider gives more security to a company than the enterprise would be able to guarantee in-house



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