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In today’s open and globalised markets where competition is ever more intense, creating additional value is part of every company’s objectives.

Supply chain management is at the very core of this challenge as it contributes to a significant part of the cost to deliver products to customers. It is also a key driver for areas such as service level and the ability to launch new products into the market.

By Jean-Claude Walravens, VP of EMEA, DynaSys

  • Accurate anticipation of future demand
  • Realistic, deliverable and flexible plans to satisfy demand and provide agility to rapidly respond to changes.
  • Holistic planning across all areas of the company

By improving your forecasts and long-term visibility, the DynaSys solution allows you to respond effectively to market fluctuations and improve profitability for you and your customers.

The solution will support your business in many ways including:

  • Optimising the use of resources within the supply chain
  • Increasing sales turnover
  • Increasing bottom line profitability
  • Releasing new products more easily and rapidly to the market
  • Streamlining order fulfilment and improving service levels while reducing lead times and inventory levels
  • Improving your purchasing decisions and the management of suppliers
  • Underpinning new market strategies

The technologies used by DynaSys are highly performance-oriented and are designed to enable companies to rapidly achieve their goals. Key benefits are delivered by increasing levels of collaboration within the business across functional areas such as Demand Management, Commercial, Supply Chain, Finance and New Product Development.

The DynaSys solution suite enables companies to view, analyse, simulate and understand all their supply chain data. The simulation tools work in real time to provide the supply chain professional with a clear vision of the alternatives in order to make the right decisions.

DynaSys covers all supply chain processes at the strategic and operational level. It creates multi level forecasts (top-down/bottom-up), planning and optimisation of distribution and production processes across multiple operating constraints and variables.

With DynaSys you can plan your global supply chain in a centralised and/or decentralised manner. Local and central planners can work in real time to support rapid decision making and an efficient planning process.

Collaborative DynaSys solutions effectively enable information to be shared between users across the web, warning them of the impact of changes made by others and allowing synchronisation of all relevant data. In addition the option of a cloud based DynaSys solution offers further benefits such as rapid implementation, full hardware and software management, automatic upgrades, subscription/per user based pricing model and more.

To learn how DynaSys could help you optimise your supply chain –  please visit http://www.dys.com/en.


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