Management / Half of millennials have left firms due to bad customer service

Half of millennials have left firms due to bad customer service

More than half of millennials have stopped doing business with a company in the last year because of poor customer service, according to a report.


Meanwhile, 55 per cent of those aged between 18 and 34 surveyed by Aspect Software said their customer service expectations have increased over the last three years.

And it seems millennials prefer self-service, with 65 per cent saying they feel good about themselves and firms when their problems are resolved without contacting customer service.

“Millennials are self-reliant and technology dependent, but not necessarily tech-savvy, and they expect instant gratification,” said Jason Dorsey, chief strategy officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. “They don’t just like speed and ease of use, they expect it.

“When it comes to customer service, the average millennial is going to look for both the ability to communicate the way they like, be it through text or Twitter, and maintain that level of customization made possible when speaking to an agent in real-time.

“Therefore companies who don’t adapt their engagement approach are at great risk of near-term obsolescence.”

The self-service trend was reflected throughout the survey, with 73 per cent of all consumers calling for the ability to solve most product and service issues on their own.

76 per cent of respondents from all generations said they see customer service as a “true test” of how much a company values them, but nearly a third said that they would rather clean a toilet than speak to firms’ customer service teams.

For more on the survey, see the Aspect Software website.

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