Marketing / Marketing campaign lets Twitch viewers control man's life

Marketing campaign lets Twitch viewers control man's life

Men's grooming brand Old Spice is making innovative use of streaming site Twitch - by allowing users to take control of a man's life for three days.


The firm has placed a man “in the bounteous grandeur of nature” who is “contractually obligated” to take on every challenge the internet throws at him.

Beginning on April 16th, the three-day marketing experiment will be broadcast live via Amazon-owned video game streaming service Twitch.

“Use the chat feature to send whatever commands you want the man to perform,” the stream’s description instructs users.

“For example: give that antelope a massage, build a sundial out of those snack cakes or eat those strange berries could be commands you decide to use.

“Do not let the boundless natural treasures seen in this experience distract you from the fact that this is a professional advertising stunt introducing the new Old Spice Fresher Collection, no matter how glorious the scenery is.”

It’s an interesting use for the live streaming site, and one that other marketers could mirror if the Old Spice experiment proves to be a success.

Things may not be quite as wild as they seem, however, as technology site The Verge reports that the area the man will be exploring has been stripped of its more hazardous elements.

Watch the Old Spice Nature Adventure unfold from April 16th on Twitch, or find out more by watching the promotional YouTube video.

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