Marketing / #DCS2015: How to 'drive your audience crazy' with top-quality content

#DCS2015: How to 'drive your audience crazy' with top-quality content

Businesses must work on four key areas to develop a scalable content platform that can "drive audiences crazy", according to an expert.

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Speaking at The Digital Content Summit 2015 in London, Alona Elkayam, also known as The Brandinista, explained that there are “four main arteries” to a content system.

These are the creative, the front-end user experience, the editorial and the distribution, which markets the content and brings it to audiences.

To develop the creative style of a site firms must look at others in the field to ensure that their content is unique and cannot be found elsewhere, Elkayam explained.

Once a brand decides on a tone of voice they need to “package it up” and document it in the form of a style guide, which is “where the content ownership begins to spread”.

When developing their user experiences, firms must think about who they are as a brand, Elkayam said. For example, a hotel brand is “a centre of culture” and could cover that area.

“I think when creating a large platform that was housing a lot of content, what we really wanted to do is focus on the content,” she said of her time working with Marriott.

Continuing in this vein, Elkayam described the content as the “meat” of the project, and highlighted the importance of the writers and editorsĀ a business chooses.

Firms working on new projects should develop ideas themselves, at least initially, she said.

“My recommendation is definitely to conceive the content in-house,” she explained. “You guys know what you want, and what you want to create.”

And when it comes to distribution, Elkayam said she holds a “mini-Davos” with stakeholders to come up with ideas, because they know their audiences the best.

All of these elements together can help to “drive people crazy” and turn them into fanatics of a business’s platform, she explained.

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