Management / Most directors 'favour Tory rule'

Most directors 'favour Tory rule'

An overwhelming majority of company directors surveyed in a new poll want a Conservative victory in next week's general election.

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A majority Tory government was the favoured outcome of 71% of the 296 chairmen, executive directors and board members in FTSE 350 firms surveyed for The Times, with 18% backing a coalition led by the Conservatives and just 4% a Labour win.

Some 28% said that the worst result for their business would be a Labour-led coalition and 25% an outright victory for Ed Miliband’s party. Not one of those questioned said they believed Labour was “pro-business”.

Concerns over the likelihood of a hung parliament was reflected by 85% of respondents who said they were worried about smaller parties dictating policy.

Some 72% of those questioned last month by Reputation Leaders for the Times and recruitment firm Odgers Berntson said that they want Britain to retain its membership of the European Union with greater devolution of powers to Westminster.


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