Outsourcing: How organisations can benefit

By Hilary Robertson, Strategy Director, Sopra Steria

Everyone recognises that Business Process Outsourcing can deliver major cost reductions of up to 30/50/70%. These high double digit savings are best achieved as the first wave of BPO programmes are rolled out.   Yet more often than not the business retains the expectation of realising similar levels cost reduction year on year, but in reality this is not sustainable and the law of diminishing returns kicks in.   Interestingly, the attainment of greater cost savings then often becomes the only focus in on-going discussions between clients and their BPO providers.

Perversely, this cost-driven approach may be stopping your organisation from achieving the wider and arguably the more valuable transformative business benefits of outsourcing: improved business agility and analytical insight for better decision-making, risk controls and compliance.

Sopra Steria discusses how the design of the outsourcing engagement can help you achieve these wider business outcomes across your enterprise by taking a look at the fresh approach the Public Sector have pioneered more recently, with amazing results.   Enabling you to establish a potentially more effective relationship with your BPO supplier and realise even greater success in future delivery, future adaptability, and future competitiveness.

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