Technology / 5 predictions for the future of the Deep Web

5 predictions for the future of the Deep Web

The Deep Web is hitting the headlines with increasing regularity, but what does the future hold for this secretive section of the internet? Trend Micro's Below the Surface report features the following predictions for how it will develop.


1. It will continue to become more secure

“[It is] likely for technological developments related to the Dark Web to improve the stealthiness of darknets,” the report says, noting that “extreme libertarians” are trying to find new ways to become more anonymous and avoid detection by law enforcement agencies.

2. Marketplaces will become stronger

Trend Micro foresees “the rise of new, completely decentralised marketplaces” that rely on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. It predicts that this will be used “to implement full-blown marketplaces without a single point of failure”, guaranteeing trust and safe transactions.

3. It will become easier to gauge reputation

“It has become essential in the context of high anonymity to be able to guarantee trust and reputation among sellers and buyers without having to rely on an external authority like a banking institution as in “canonical” e-commerce,” the report says.

4. Bitcoins will become harder to track

“Cryptocurrencies go hand in hand with Deep Web marketplaces,” the report says. “In that regard, we’ll see new, advanced ways to make Bitcoins even less traceable than they are now.” It also notes that malware could take advantage the blockchain technology.

5. More people will use it

While the report notes that regular web users do not have much of a reason to start using the Deep Web anytime soon, it predicts that increasing public awareness could mean “increased use of or interest in the Dark Web and other similarly intended sites in the Deep Web”.

Read the full report on the Trend Micro website.