Expert insights: is the UK a property safe haven?

By Dale Anderson, Project Manager | Jerald Solis, Business Development & Acquisitions Director, Experience Invest

As student property emerges as a leading asset class, Experience Invest discusses the UK as a property safe haven.

  • Protect yourself from market fluctuations by investing in an asset which provides assured returns for a pre-determined period of time.
  • Investing in a fully managed asset will provide a passive income and will ensure that you are not stuck with finding tenants, repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Always do your research and ensure that demand outstrips supply in area you are investing in. Check local occupancy rates, comparable property prices and rental prices.

Despite the global financial crisis, the UK has emerged as a safe haven for property investment.

Rising prices and an evident under supply of property across key asset classes has created a healthy environment for investment.

With the financial crisis now having passed and the country in a state of recovery since mid-2014, investor confidence has strengthened.

After the general election, residential property prices increased at their highest rate (3 per cent) between May and June since Feb 2014.

What’s more, in the first half of 2015, record levels of investment were achieved in asset classes such as student and commercial property.

The UK is a prime location for property investment and is attracting both domestic and international investors.

Investing in UK property

Investors looking to generate a passive income may opt to seek advice from a property consultancy like Experience Invest.

Experience Invest specialises in affordable property investments and provides a mixture of residential, student accommodation and care home investments.

Dealing with clients in the UK and across the world, Experience Invest’s range of fully managed, property investments are designed to produce a passive income.

Market fluctuations

It is difficult to protect against market fluctuations however there are ways to mitigate risk.

Income generating assets tend to provide assured rents for a pre-determined period of time. This will assist the investor by allowing them to plan ahead.

A good management company will maintain a property to a high standard which will mean that the building will rent out easier and will make selling easier.

By purchasing at below market pricing clients can protect against the effects of market rents and property value fluctuating.

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Six things to remember when investing in property

Ask these questions and look for the professional answer before you make your first step.


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How can we protect ourselves from major market fluctuations?


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What are the most dangerous misconceptions about the property market?

Established in 2004, Experience Invest is a London-based property consultancy. Their exclusive range of high-yielding UK property investments have been designed to provide investors with a passive income. The fully managed nature of these products allows investor to receive returns from UK property, without the day-to-day hassle of managing a property. Contact Experience Invest for more information.


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