Everyone’s got the power now

The beauty of the cloud is the promise of better, more accessible insight into the data we all collect and store. Rapid insight gives all kinds of business advantages. The chance to spot and capitalise on a market opportunity, or the ability to identify trends that shape sales tactics – all of these can give your company the lead over others.

The problem is, getting business insight quickly takes time, money and expertise. It locks smaller businesses out, and it drains the resources of those that can afford to do it. In these days of big data, analytics and business intelligence, it’s easy to feel left out.

But we’ve a lot to be thankful for. Big data is a problem because it’s now affordable to collect, store, process and retrieve that data at speed – with the right technology. What we need is access to the technology that gets us insight. We also need a measure of the extra value that insight creates, both in savings and new business opportunities.

The cloud helps create a level playing field where any company, big or small, can get the things they need to set about creating more value with what they already have. We’ve seen it first-hand with our customers. The medical device manufacturer that cut inventory costs by $100million, or the brewer that slashed its data centre bill by $200,000 a year. These aren’t isolated stories, either – they are now everyday transformations that anyone can make.

James Petter is vice president EMEA at Pure Storage
+44 (0)1784 895000


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