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5 ways to exercise at your desk

A busy day at the office can make it hard to find time to move away from your desk, but there are simple exercises you can do at (or near) your work space to stretch your muscles without any sweating or changing clothes.

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1. Exercise the torso

Sit with your feet on the floor and keep your back straight. Reach with your right arm over to the left side of your body by twisting your torso and hold for four to five seconds. Bring yourself back to the centre and repeat in the other direction.

2. Exercise the legs

Stay sitting in your chair but move back so that there is enough room to extend your legs forwards. Raise one leg and hold it straight and level to your hip for as long as is comfortable. Then lower your leg back to the ground. Do the same for your other leg and repeat ten times.

3. Exercise the forearms and wrists

Hold one arm out straight with your palm facing upwards. Using your other hand, pull your fingers back and downwards towards the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds then release.

Turn your arm down so your palm is towards the floor. Keep your arm and hand straight and draw your fingers back towards your forearm. Then release.

4. Exercise the shoulders

Keep your arms straight beside you and gently roll your shoulders forward ten times. Then roll your shoulders backwards ten times and repeat as necessary throughout the day.

5. If all else fails, stand up

The British Chiropractic Association found that 32 per cent of people sit down for 10 or more hours per day. Take a small break every half an hour – make a lap around the office or walk up and down a flight of stairs to keep your body moving and engaged.


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