Finance / RBS boss tells managers to meet with three small firms a week

RBS boss tells managers to meet with three small firms a week

Senior managers at RBS have been told by bank bosses to meet with two to three small businesses per week to help improve its customer service.


Alison Rose, the RBS’s commercial banking chief, hopes redefining the bank’s relationship with customers will boost its profile and improve “customer service and the trust and the advocacy”.

The emphasis on retaining personal connections with customers comes from Rose’s own habits of sitting down with SMEs several times a week.

“I’m quite ordinary, and I think that is quite important, that they don’t think there is a big bad boss up at central office,” she told The Telegraph.

“If you’re an executive and you’re not spending time with customers, you become completely disconnected from what the business is all about.”

“If you only ever see things through the filter of a large corporate, you don’t get a real feel.”

3,500 of the bank’s relationship managers will be sent on training courses to help more staff specialise in specific sectors, as well as covering banking basics like credit risk.

Rose and the bank’s executive committee will also be taking the course.

RBS is the bank most frequently lending to businesses in the UK. However, its reputation has suffered over the last few years, with branch closures, technology glitches and claims that it has mis-sold account packages to customers.

Rose unveiled the initiative shortly after Chancellor George Osborne announced the government’s sale of the RBS shares, which it acquired in 2008 and 2009.

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