Management / Waterstones set to open more stores across UK

Waterstones set to open more stores across UK

Bookshop chain Waterstones is set to open a series of new stores across the UK, including a three-storey shop in Tottenham Court Road which will open in October.


The newest addition will take up 7,000 square foot and contain a bar as well as a Café W.

This will make it the largest Waterstones to open in London since 2009, when the bookseller opened its Oxford Street Plaza branch.

It will also stock a total of 25,000 titles and the largest selection of new fiction titles of all Waterstones’ London branches, with the exception of the Piccadilly flagship store.

Luke Taylor, Waterstones regional manager for London, has aspirations to make the Tottenham Court Road branch “one of the city’s best bookshops”.

Waterstones also announced in December 2014 that it had seen a decline in e-reader sales over the Christmas period as readers returned to physical books.

The bookseller’s director James Daunt said that the refurbishment of 290 of its UK stores was responsible for the print book’s five per cent popularity rise over last year’s Christmas period, rather than an irreversible change in consumer behaviour.

Foyles bookshop also experienced the same phenomenon in December 2014.

Director Sam Husain said that while online sales were important for booksellers, “there is nothing like people actually browsing in-store”.

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