Management / Poor mobile services costing travel industry billions

Poor mobile services costing travel industry billions

The travel industry has lost £2.7 billion in the last year in the UK alone due to poor customer experience with mobile booking systems, according to US researcher Jumio.


The travel sector experienced a 38 per cent abandonment rate, behind clothing retailers at 61 per cent and food shopping at 41 per cent.

According to the research, on average two out of every five travel bookings made on mobile devices are abandoned.

Frequent causes of abandonment cited were slow loading speeds, difficult navigation and poor payment processes.

The research also found that customers prefer to use devices they are familiar with, and showed that customer preference for making bookings through a desktop was five per cent higher than through a mobile device.

Abandonment rates have improved by ten per cent in the last year on average but are still high.

The highest achieving sectors were the online gaming and financial services sectors, which each experienced a 25 per cent abandonment rate.

The report recommends investing in the efficiency of mobile apps in the travel sector to reduce abandonment rates, with a particular focus on improving both customer experience and payment security.

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