Accelerating access to GP care

By James Freeston, AXA PPP healthcare marketing director

Advances in personal technology are rapidly changing people’s attitudes and approaches to managing their health and wellbeing. James Freeston, marketing director for AXA PPP healthcare, discusses how they can apply technology that’s already mainstream to their lives to access GP care – helping them take better control of their healthcare journey.

  1. Technology is rapidly changing people’s approach to healthcare.
  2. Employees can apply mainstream technology to access GP care.
  3. With less working time lost, Doctor@Hand benefits employers.

Demands on UK healthcare services are increasing. Not only are we benefiting from new – and often costly – technologies and treatments but we’re living longer too. This means that, for the most of us, we will require care for a growing number of health issues that will affect us as we get older.

Businesses are increasingly under pressure too to deliver more with fewer resources. And our lives are pressured also, as we find ourselves juggling work, family and home commitments often with too little time for ourselves.

It’s of little surprise, then, that when we are troubled by a medical matter and need to see a GP, securing and attending an appointment is not always straightforward or convenient.

However, the healthcare system is evolving and there are now new opportunities to change the provision of healthcare by employing new technology to deliver new methods of interacting with healthcare professionals.

AXA PPP healthcare offers larger employers an opportunity to provide employees and their families with access to Doctor@Hand – an online private GP service via video and phone.

Delivered by specialist provider Doctor Care Anywhere, Doctor@Hand puts patients in the driving seat by enabling them to obtain secure virtual consultations with an experienced UK GP at a time and in a location that suits them – whether they are at work, at home, or on the move – both in the UK and abroad.

Doctor@Hand benefits employers too, as less working time is lost by employees waiting to make appointments with their NHS GP and taking time away from work to attend them.

And, in the war for talent, offering Doctor@Hand as an employee benefit will give a real competitive edge to employers who want to demonstrate just how highly they value their employees’ health and wellbeing.

For more information about Doctor@Hand, visit AXA PPP healthcare’s newsroom 

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