In focus: David Cameron must show UK outsourcing the respect it deserves

Were you aware the UK possesses the second-largest and most mature outsourcing market in the world, employing more than three million individuals? Or that outsourced services are the UK’s number one export, accounting for more than 30 per cent of our country’s balance of trade?


David Cameron should be aware. The coalition spent a whopping £120billion on outsourced public services, a resounding demonstration that Whitehall recognises the value outsourcing delivers. But despite this, the UK government does more publicly to harm the prospects of our outsourcing industry than it does to help it.

This must end. Today, the UK has the key ingredients required to become the global strategic hub of outsourcing: the English language, the perfect time zone, strong financial markets, a fantastic legal system and world-class consultants. As a result, the UK would lead global outsourcing projects, attracting FDI and increasing exports. Securing this leadership position would drive job creation and national productivity, result in sizeable economic growth and contribute billions to the treasury.

That’s why David Cameron must provide the UK outsourcing industry with some long-awaited, much-needed support. We need school-leavers better educated in digital and commercial skills, realistic immigration policies attracting the best foreign talent, and further infrastructure investment. The prime minister must tell the world that outsourcing works and demonstrate the extent to which it has benefited our country. The crown of global outsourcing leader is ours to lose, and we will lose it if the government continues to actively hinder the UK’s biggest, brightest industry.

Kerry Hallard is CEO of the National Outsourcing Association


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