The future: Outsourcing is about value added, rather than a cost-reduction exercise

It’s a question that has been asked (and answered) many times in the last few decades: Onshore or Offshore? But actually, a new breed of BPO supplier is emerging that can offer a hybrid solution that will encompass the best of both worlds.


Most outsourcing decisions are made in answer to calls for cost reductions and efficiency improvements, but as experienced outsourcers look for further benefits, decisions are made to create more value through specialist services and expert knowledge. Nowadays, a good BPO supplier will discourage you from the old “lift and shift” scenario, and will help you to look at your process differently. Now, more than ever before, outsourcing is about collaboration and value added, rather than a pure cost-reduction exercise.

Onshore, offshore and indeed near-shore all come with their own benefits. Many would agree that the best solutions for client management and innovation are to be found onshore, where we can become embedded in the client’s businesses and understand their cultures, and meet face-to-face at the same times during the working day.

There are also instances where data is legally unable to leave the EU or UK, for data-protection purposes, and so this also creates a need for processing onshore.

Offshore and near-shore generally offer higher skill-sets and education, knowledge transfer, agility and flexibility – not to forget multiple languages. Offshore and near-shore also allow you to extend the working day using the time zones in multiple locations, while still having local client management to be face to face when you need them.

So choosing a true hybrid BPO supplier, with both processing and client management capabilities offshore, onshore and near-shore, will allow you to create the optimal solution for your business, while keeping any investment to a minimum. It also gives you a greater flexibility on growth, allowing your business to spend the right time on its true focus.

John Callachan is the solutions director at DDC Outsourcing Solutions, a hybrid business process outsourcing supplier and part of the global DDC Group
Twitter: @ddc_os


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