Small businesses need smarter printers

By Rob Brown - head of Key Accounts, Oki Systems (UK) Ltd

Printing costs often get overlooked but there are ways to take control says Oki Systems UK

  • Simple and smarter document related workflows
  • Improved seamless productivity
  • Controlling of print costs

Why should a small business owner be concerned about print? The answer to this is simple: they shouldn’t be. However, they should be concerned about the costs of printing to their company. They need the resources to concentrate on proactive, revenue generating activities so they can take on their larger competitors.

But in a recent OKI survey of SMEs, more than half of those polled (52 per cent) said they didn’t know how much they are spending on printing. So how can they take control? Take time to select the right devices from the very beginning (and make the solution is scalable) and then work with the vendor to look at ways to optimise and manage their printing function.

For example, OKI’s new range of multifunction printers are less to do with printing and more to do with workflow and productivity. Yet they have a small footprint and are totally affordable for a small business. So they can be used as a standard printer for mono and colour documents but also to streamline workflows and improve productivity, using functions such as scan to email.

In addition, advances in graphic arts printers have made it more affordable to print high-end colour – from business cards and stationery to flyers and brochures – on demand and in-house to save on outsourcing costs.

These can all be purchased as part of a managed print services programme which involves working with the vendor to assess a company’s individual print and document management needs and tailoring a strategy around them. This can save money by simplifying contracts, re-designing workflows, improving document management and minimising the need to outsource.

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