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Union Hand-Roasted Coffee launching CoffeeClub subscription service

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is launching a brand-new subscription service the CoffeeClub which will provide customers with informative videos and interactive tools to fully immerse them in the origins and flavours profiles of Union’s superior quality coffee.

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The CoffeeClub website will offer consumers a doorway into the seemingly-complex world of premium coffee and enable consumers to choose their level of guidance and expertise they want to receive, allowing them to define their true coffee tastes at their own pace.

This service is expected to achieve a tenfold increase in home-delivery sales for the company, with 7,000 customers expected to sign up within the first year.

Jeremy Torz, co-founder of Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, said: “With our new subscription site, we want to share our passion for great-tasting, high-quality coffee and give people the chance to make their own perfect cup at home.

“Our customers are discerning coffee-lovers who appreciate the art of hand-crafted coffee and enjoy discovering different flavour profiles as much as we enjoy sourcing them. As the world of craft coffee continues to grow, we will be channelling our energies into this project to help offer a wide choice of coffee, supported by informative tips, advice and guidance.”

The CoffeeClub will be unique in offering people the chance to hone their coffee palette with £5 discovery packs available online. These will introduce their main flavour profile which are chocolate and caramel, fruit, floral and citrus, and nut and spice. It will include guidance on how to professionally cup coffee to determine its quality and tasting notes.



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