Technology / Firms to cut data leakage by a third by reviewing privileged activity

Firms to cut data leakage by a third by reviewing privileged activity

A quarter of organisations will review privileged activity and reduce data leakage by a third by 2018, according to a new report on cyber security.


Gartner experts tipped 25 per cent of firms to take a look at privileged users’ actions, helping to cut data loss by 33 per cent within the next two years.

Research director Felix Gaehtgens said: “Only less than five percent of organisations were tracking and reviewing privileged activity in 2015.

“The remainder is, at best, controlling access and logging when, where and by whom privileged access takes place — but not what is actually done.

“Unless organisations track and review privileged activity, they risk being blindsided by insider threats, malicious users or errors that cause significant outages.

“IT organisations are under increasing business and regulatory pressure to control access to these accounts, which can be administrative accounts, system accounts or operations accounts.”

Research by CyberArk revealed back in November that up to 88 per cent of firms are susceptible to privileged account hacks that can compromise their entire networks.

Windows systems were found to be particularly vulnerable, with 40 per cent of Windows hosts potentially leading to a complete compromise if hacked.

By keeping a closer eye on privileged users’ activity, organisations will be able to detect more quickly when something is amiss and act to limit the damage caused by cyber criminals.

For more on the report, see the Gartner website.

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