A new era of humanism in business transformation

International business transformation consultancy FromHereOn uses human-centered design to put people at the heart of business transformation and enable its clients to strengthen trust and loyalty among customers and staff

Hugh Evans, chief executive officer, FromHereOn

  • Business transformation is now business as usual
  • In today’s digital age business transformation is about connecting with people
  • Transformation outcomes are enabled and strengthened when stakeholders are connected with purpose

We are in a new era of humanism. Customer and staff experiences are now the axis of business strategy, and the increased rate of technology means organisations need to enable these experiences and change to move at the speed of the market.

“Human centered design is now a valuable skillset for businesses seeking to become customer driven,” says Hugh Evans, CEO, FromHereOn. “With their increased mobility through digital channels customers are more fickle than ever so the quality of the relationship between brand and customer is a competitive advantage. Businesses now need to meaningfully connect with both customers and their staff to stay ahead.”

Design-led organisations like Intuit and Apple profit handsomely by understanding people; in many cases offering what their customers want before they are even aware they need it. The combination of design practice and traditional business transformation techniques offer a new way to compete for mindshare and loyalty.

Evans says: “FromHereOn has been combining its capabilities in strategy, design and business architecture to help its clients move faster and cope with the sheer scale of change within a global enterprise.”

This fresh approach to executing large-scale business change programs aligns with the growing trend among executives to apply design thinking for problem solving and innovation. While the concept of service design, user experience design and the design mindset is already evident in many firms, it is less common to see design practice applied in the context of large-scale business transformation.

The recent acquisition of Lunar by McKinsey & Co is just one of many indicators that there is a need for design practice capabilities within more traditional firms. The ability to foresee customer and employee needs has become a significant challenge for businesses, and FromHereOn is one of the new breed of consultancies leading the way forward.

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