Latest News / Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason among musicians opposed to Brexit

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason among musicians opposed to Brexit

Leading rock and pop stars including members of Radiohead and Pink Floyd have warned that leaving the European Union could harm the British music industry.

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) has added its voice to the Remain campaign following a poll of its members.

Former Eurovision Song Contest winner Sandie Shaw, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien are among the stars urging the country to vote to stay in the EU.

They warn that leaving could harm Britain’s thriving music industry by putting up visa barriers that could stop musicians touring abroad, or make it more expensive.

Paul Pacifico, chief executive of FAC, said: “The FAC has considered the various sides of the argument but feels strongly that overall, it is far better for artists – our members and non-members – that Britain remains part of the European Union.

“In a world which feels ever more fragmented and driven by fear, music plays a key role. The family of European nations was founded as a way to avoid conflict and promote peace post the Second World War.

“As the FAC let us stand proud and loud that music is the universal language of the soul, and that is why it should unite nations, not separate them. We are stronger together. This is why we should stick together and not break up.”

The organisation said it polled its 5,000 members on the issue, and that 85% are in favour of staying in the EU.

It also said the EU is in the midst of working on copyright reform for streamed music and is unveiling its ‘European digital single market’ which will create the biggest single market for music anywhere in the world.

Brexit could leave British musicians out in the cold of this large and highly lucrative market, the organisation warned.

It said: “Historically, Britain has always punched above its weight in terms of exporting our music abroad. We believe the best platform to continue this success is as part of the European digital single market.”

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