Management / #CX2016: Good service is old-fashioned values and new technology

#CX2016: Good service is old-fashioned values and new technology

Good customer service is about building relationships and giving consumers good old-fashioned service but using modern day technology to enhance the experience, according to a panel of experts.

Speaking at Customer Focus Live 2016, Nik Hewitt, digital strategist at Tank PR, said: “Connections are now done on LinkedIn. Branding exercises are now done in different ways.

"It is important to put messages under the noses of target individuals in companies. There is a lot of power in making relationships. This decade is about making individual relationships.”

For example, Hewitt explains if a firm wants to sell to a particular sector, it can build relationships with them through LinkedIn or Twitter.

But to offer good customer service, they must also employ the right people.

Pete Doyle, author of #Tweetailing and social media writer, said: “It is about getting people who care about delivering good customer service.

“You need to get diversity on the shop floor and look for attitude, not qualifications. Do they have a good work ethic and can they do an honest day’s work? It is about going back 100 years where people knew their customers and put other people first.”

According to Doyle, it is about giving employees respect, trust and responsibility. Retailers that want to offer successful customer service need to give their employees autonomy, like access to a Twitter account.

Neil Titcomb, commercial director for the UK and Ireland at Genesys, said: “It is about empowerment and having the notion that one size does not fit all.

“What we see as being successful is giving employees some more rope to engage with customers. It is important to listen to individuals.

“Being passionate is essential, the person needs to empathise with the fact people want to be served quickly and efficiently.”

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