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5 most common passwords used by LinkedIn members

Have you ever wondered how secure other people's LinkedIn passwords are? The reality might come as a surprise.

Data search engine LeakedSource has obtained a copy of the 117 million LinkedIn account details up for sale on the Dark Web, and its analysis has revealed what the most popular passwords are on the professional network.

In the past, Business Reporter has brought you the five most popular Ashley Madison passwords and the five most popular passwords on the web. With one notable exception, the most-used passwords on LinkedIn are along the same lines:

  1. 123456 [753,305]
  2. linkedin [172,523]
  3. password [144,458]
  4. 123456789 [94,314]
  5. 12345678 [63,769]

For more on the data, see LeakedSource’s analysis.

Photo © Ben Scholzen (CC BY 2.0). Cropped.