Management / Mobile experience ‘can make or break customer loyalty’

Mobile experience ‘can make or break customer loyalty’

A company’s mobile user experience can make or break customer loyalty, a study has found.

Research by LogMeIn showed that 85 per cent of customers are unlikely to conduct business with a company again if they have a negative mobile interaction with them.

Only 52 per cent of customers were satisfied with their last mobile interaction with any given company, compared to 59 per cent in 2015, the report said.

This comes as companies see increasing sales through e-commerce.

According to the survey, shoppers made 27 per cent of all their purchases through a mobile device and 79 per cent purchased products at least once in the last year using their mobile.

“There are more ways than ever for companies to engage with customers and mobile is a vital part of a company’s e-commerce success” said Dave Campbell, vice president of product marketing for customer engagement and support at LogMeIn.

“Customers expect a seamless experience and access to information across all of the channels and devices they use.

“While not meeting these demands can come with an enormous price tag, a good mobile experience can create a competitive differentiator, drive revenue, and turn prospects into loyal customers.”

The report found that customer satisfaction is declining across all industries.

Furthermore, increasing use of mobile commerce is putting pressure on support, which is often insufficient on mobile apps to aid customers.

Consumers expressed their frustration at being unable to easily access contact details for support, with 72 per cent claiming to have abandoned mobile sites due to difficulties in contacting an employee for help.

91 per cent of customers believed it was important to always be able to contact a real person when using a site on their mobile.

The study, conducted by Vanson Bourne a research company on behalf of LogMeIn, saw 8,000 consumers surveyed from America, Europe, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Those surveyed had had contact with a company through their mobile with the purpose of buying a product, or for any other reason.

For more on the report, see the LogMeIn website.

Photo © Jason Howle (CC BY 2.0). Cropped.


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