Marketing / Businesses under pressure to spend on digital transformation, survey finds

Businesses under pressure to spend on digital transformation, survey finds

Businesses feel pressured into prioritising spending on digital transformation to try and provide a competitive customer experience, as survey has found.

65 per cent of IT and business leaders consider their companies as digital enterprises.

However only 43 per cent of companies believe their cloud infrastructure will support their future digital transformation and management over the next 12 to 24 months, according to research conducted by Informatica and Deloitte.

52 per cent - the majority - said trying to achieve an efficient customer experience was the main driver for their investment.

This comes as customer experience has been identified as one of the driving forces behind sales.

This can be achieved through collection of customer data to provide more tailored, personalised services to consumers.

72 per cent of companies polled said they felt a complete customer view was important in differentiating itself and providing a service with digital features that meet the customers’ expectations.

This inability to develop sufficient cloud infrastructure was attributed to the use of multiple technology platforms by 41 per cent of respondents.

Furthermore, data management complications caused a further barrier to transformation.

Amit Walia, chief product officer at Informatica, said: “Organisations continue to experience explosive data growth.

“More volume and more variety of data are being drawn from enterprise applications, cloud applications and third-party data providers.

“Together, these increase the likelihood of incomplete, inconsistent, unsecure and ungoverned data.

“As a result, deriving any real value is particularly challenging and achieving digital goals means an investment in new data approaches.

“In today’s digital landscape, it is critical that companies can provide a seamless, consistent and integrated customer experience.

“While IT and business leaders recognise that data management and analytics are a vital part of this, the findings of our survey show an overall lack of confidence in their companies’ digital strategies.

“In order for businesses to be able to quickly and efficiently select and process relevant information, they must prioritise investing in robust data management processes. This will allow for confident, analytical decision making and effective digital transformation.”

For more on the survey, see the Informatica website.


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