Technology / Amazon customers warned over Black Friday phishing campaign

Amazon customers warned over Black Friday phishing campaign

Scammers are taking advantage of consumers' Black Friday excitement with a new Amazon email scam.

Get Safe Online warned that cyber criminals have sent thousands of emails to customers claiming there is a "problem" with their orders from the retail website.

It asks them to confirm their details, but when they click on the link they are sent to a phishing website where the attackers ask them to enter their personal information.

Once they have completed the form, they are then sent to the genuine Amazon website, making it difficult for the average consumer to tell they have fallen victim to a scam.

The timing of the phishing campaign suggests cyber criminals are attempting to take advantage of the Christmas rush, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

"This is an opportunistic scam that is being perpetrated in the sure knowledge that many shoppers will have ordered goods from Amazon, and will be keen to know the progress of their order," said Get Safe Online in a blog post.

It warned consumers to be suspicious of emails asking them to update their details or resolve problems with their accounts, and to check the URL in their address bar to confirm they are on an official website before entering any information.

The warning comes after it was revealed that online scams cost Christmas shoppers more than £10 million last year as they sought deals on their festive purchases.

Meanwhile, almost a third of shoppers said they would risk fraud for a Christmas bargain, thereby giving cyber criminals an opportunity to take advantage.

And even once the presents are opened on Christmas Day, research has shown that only 42 per cent of consumers take the proper security measures to protect their new gadgets.

For more on the new phishing campaign and more tips on how to protect your online accounts against fraud, see the Get Safe Online website.

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