The new mobile currency – unlock more value for advertisers

Industry estimates mobile ad spending in the UK will rise to £4.58 billion this year with a 35 per cent increase.

Christophe Collet, Founder and CEO of S4M (Success for Mobile)

It is no wonder, then, that mobile programmatic is maturing at an accelerated pace without established rules and standards.This year alone, ad fraud and measuring discrepancies will accumulate to a loss of more than £8 billion for mobile advertisers.

The good news for advertisers is that you can and should have zero tolerance for fraudulent traffic in mobile campaigns.While fraud cannot be eliminated, it can be flagged so advertisers are not paying for it.

Furthermore, brands must adopt buying models that evaluate human engagements and put the user experience at the heart of their success metrics.

In response to this need in the industry, S4M is introducing the cost-per-landing-page (CPLP) buying model for advertisers to better evaluate and pay for their mobile campaigns based on user arrivals on the landing page or app opens.

S4M’s mobile advertising platform is the only player to be MRC accredited on mobile post-ad metrics today including landing page arrivals, app installs and opens. With this new perspective in the industry, advertisers can aim to deliver mobile strategies that truly boosts user engagements and stop paying for fraud altogether.

The even greater news for mobile users is that they will receive only ads appealing to their personal interests that they want to engage with. All this is possible only using anonymised mobile device data that respects each smartphone owner.

So the future is bright for mobile advertising, and we have finally defined a win-win balance for advertisers and end users to transform this wild west into a new Eldorado.

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