The future of human work

New technology will boost productivity and help solve the global growth challenge

Stephan Sieber, CEO & executive director, Unit4

The acceleration of changes driven through technology and the demographic changes affecting the global workforce are working against each other.

While the speed of innovation and change is ever increasing, we see a shrinking and aging workforce with fewer and fewer young people. In other words, our economy is facing a major workforce crisis in both capacity and capabilities.

Research says that only 46 per cent of an employee’s work week is spent on their primary job duties. In an economy where people and talent are scarce, this is a major issue. Technology gives us a unique opportunity to rethink how work is done and how people use their skills and talent to complete critical and differentiating tasks that a computer can’t do.

Using state-of-the-art technologies like mobile, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence, we are building what we at Unit4 call self-driving business applications.

Applications that learn from the past and actively make use of the data and knowledge that is captured in them to provide context sensitive support for mission-critical tasks. Applications that take every day mundane tasks away from people and free them up to focus on what matters. And applications we can communicate with via natural language – through text messages, for example.

People will always matter, and in business they are customers and employees. The new business realities force us, but even more importantly allow us, to put these stakeholders at the forefront of everything we do.

People will always be in the lead in understanding customer needs and anticipating how they will change in the future. Through technology, companies can free people to focus on this differentiating activity that ultimately drives innovation, differentiation and competitiveness.

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