Adapting to survive the digital transformation of manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is attainable, no matter the size of your manufacturing business.

That was the message from K3 Syspro’s Glen Burdett when he spoke to Business Reporter’s Georges Banna to discuss the ever changing landscape of manufacturing and the role technology is playing in pushing the sector forward. Many manufacturers are able to see the benefits of Industry 4.0, and aim to achieve it, but are put off by the perceived costs.

The fourth industrial revolution isn’t going to be free, but it doesn’t need to be extortionate either. Manufacturing produces more data than any other sector, and most of it goes to waste.

The first step to a digital transformation, way before the Tesla-inspired robots, is to extract this data from your ERP and inspect it to make key gains. These could be an insight into the supply chain or even a trend in maintenance history.

Burdett also emphasised the importance of people in the future of manufacturing, stressing the abilities humans have such as actual intelligence, insight and innovation, that robots and machines will never be able to replace.

This is a key message to portray while making the transition to Industry 4.0: the digital transformation of manufacturing isn’t about replacing jobs, just moving them, putting machines where they are best suited, and humans where they are best suited. As well as a more pleasant working environment, the subsequent productivity gains will also lead to increased wages.

Burdett concluded by explaining the importance of selecting an ERP partner that is as prepared for the future as you are. An ERP provider with expandable modules to grow with your business and also a roadmap outlining their future, so you know you’ll always be a step ahead of any digital disruption.

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