Are you overwhelmed by your content?

Content may be king, but don't let managing it slow you down.

Richard Bamford, Director of European Business, Extensis

Over the past decade, “Content is King” has been a mantra for marketing teams across the globe. As organisations rush to create more content, the number of digital files have amassed to thousands, if not millions.

People need instant access to files, or their workflows come to a halt. Many marketing and creative teams find themselves spending countless hours trying to find files, recreating files they can’t locate, or reusing the same files repetitively. And if the wrong file is used, there is risk of brand embarrassment or even lawsuits.

This all starts to chip away at the bottom line quickly. In fact, an average mid-size company loses 200 million pounds over 5 years by not having a solution in place.

The solution to this costly problem is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system (to see if DAM is a good fit for your organisation, check out this Self Evaluation Guide).

Extensis recognises that companies of all sizes need a solution (not just large scale enterprises) and has led the charge in developing a powerful, affordable DAM solution, Extensis Portfolio. Used by esteemed brands such as Publicis, McCann Erickson, and Y&R, Portfolio is a modular solution so it can be up and delivering value in days. The modular approach enables companies to start with what they need, and easily scale capacity and functionality as their needs grow.

For a company just getting started, Portfolio stores digital assets in a central location so geographically dispersed teams can quickly access and share files. With add-on modules, customers can also quickly create branded online portals for sharing assets securely via the web and convert files to the format they need on the fly.

Perhaps one of the most exciting advancements in Extensis Portfolio is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for comparative image recognition and automated keywording. One of the underpinnings of an effective DAM system is keywords- the words assigned to the image to categorise it for search. Extensis has dramatically simplified this component through automation, saving customers time and money.

With the pace at which marketing is expected to continue to evolve, accessing the right files at the right time will be increasingly critical to overall business success.

Discover how DAM fits into your business: Download the DAM Best Practices Guide.