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Ryan Paterson, Managing Director EMEA, APAC at STATS LLC

Data, algorithms and statistical models are increasingly part of professional sports as teams strive to gain the competitive edge and increase success both on and off the field. Maximising team and player performance is key to winning and getting the most out of high-value assets is critical when the margin for success and failure is so small. Off the field of play, sports sponsorship is big business and brands are continuing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of their marketing budgets into endorsing clubs, leagues, events and athletes, to ensure that their brand is associated with success.

The increasing volume of data available from an unrelenting tech revolution has the potential to overwhelm teams, athletes and fans alike. With optical cameras, wearable sensors, machine learning and sub-second data recognition – the technology behind data production exists to drive the application of sports data to the next level. The data itself is not enough. Speed and automation are key to enabling actionable team insights or digestible fan insights in a way that can power and transform the user’s experience.

By performing rigorous, contextual analytics and applying predictive algorithms on top of the data to visualize the insights is both the greatest challenge and opportunity today, and this is where STATS come in. As the world’s leading sports data and technology company, STATS provides fan engagement and team performance solutions to brands, media and technology companies, professional teams and leagues around the globe. Trusted by millions of fans and athletes around the globe to analyze performance data from more than 100,000 games a year with unrivalled speed and accuracy.

Eight of the top 10 media companies in the world, sports leagues such as Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Rugby League, Ligue de Football Professional, Serie A, Professional Golfers Association, and the most popular fantasy games and tech companies have chosen STATS to be their official sports partner.

STATS enhance sports on and off the field through real-time data feeds, sports content and broadcast research, player tracking through STATS SportVU®, and customizable digital solutions to engage fans.

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