Technology / Multiple interactive platforms the way forwards for SMEs, says Intuit

Multiple interactive platforms the way forwards for SMEs, says Intuit

Mobile apps which use multiple interactive platforms are helping small business owners digitally transform and become more efficient and make better decisions in their companies.

At Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect event in London, Sasan Goodarzi, executive vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Small Business Group, says: “The future will be in multiple interactive platforms. We are investing in voice platforms. We are investing in conversational UI (user interface) platforms, which is, in essence, bots talking back and forth to you. We are also investing in augmented reality.

“There will not just be one interaction platform, there will be multiple interaction platforms – and that will really depend on what you are trying to do. If it is something straightforward and simple it could be a voice and conversational UI. If it is looking for things quickly it could be mixed reality.”

Quickbooks multiple interactive platforms designed for mobile apps are helping SMEs become more efficient through being able to give them advice about the best suppliers to use, or find out if invoices have not been paid by their clients through a chatbot.

Customers can also see if they are priced right in the marketplace, or whether they are paying their workers the right amount of money. Says Goodarzi: “We call it unlocking the power of many, for the prosperity of one. These platforms are bringing the knowledge and the different perspectives to them, so they can be smarter at running their business.

“One of the basic things, that’s extremely surprising when I talk to customers, is that they know nothing about business. They know everything about the product and the service they are passionate about, but when it comes to invoicing customers on time, knowing if they got an invoice, who to follow up with and who is late paying me, it is a different story.”

“Around 50 per cent of small businesses go out of business after the first five years,” he continues. “That is why all of this technology capability is so important, to enable them to do basic things to invoice on the spot and know when they get the invoice and have an automated way to follow up.”


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