The New Era of Data-Driven Marketing

Matt Bennathan, Managing Director, Europe at Nielsen Marketing Cloud

We are living in an age of consumer data overload – marketers are dealing with more consumer data than at any other time. Big data is unmanageable without the right people and the right marketing technology in place to derive actionable insights from these potentially valuable assets. “It is easy for marketers to get lost,” confirms Matt Bennathan, Managing Director, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Europe. However, “with the correct application of marketing technology and data, marketers can be in a strong position to better understand the journey that consumers and potential consumers are on.”

Bennathan suggests the consumer journey can be precisely mapped, understood and predicted through the application of a technology platform. This empowers marketers to connect the dots between the multitude of digital touchpoints – e-commerce, display, video and mobile advertising, social media, and so on – consumers engage with on their path to purchase. This insight gives marketers the ability to understand previously fragmented channels thereby gaining a more complete picture of their audience shopping habits and lifestyle attributes. Bennathan explains that the use of the right digital data and technology “allows marketers to guide and direct consumers throughout their consideration and purchase journey.”

Brands, advertisers and agencies are dealing with a fast-changing digital media environment. “Nielsen is responding specifically with the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, which allows marketers to better understand what is happening as consumer behaviour continues to fragment.” As data becomes more complex and vast, it becomes ever more important for marketers to interrogate data and leverage technology to achieve a fully integrated view of their consumers and power more efficient, engaging and better-performing marketing.

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Author: Bianca Staub, Senior Marketing Manager Europe, Nielsen Marketing Cloud


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