The tech industry in a post-Brexit UK needs to punch above its weight

With Article 50 having been triggered, we are entering an uncertain time in regards to how the UK economy will fare. And despite reports of growth towards the end of last year, the future is still very much uncharted, and it is not yet known how we will come through this huge political and economic shift.

Business confidence has since wavered and the pound has been unable to gain momentum since the referendum. So what does this mean for the digital world?

As one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK economy, now, more than ever, businesses need to invest in their digital strategies to secure their future workforce and trading capabilities.

It is estimated that a huge 41 per cent of digital tech jobs exist outside the digital industry itself, demonstrating the need for continued investment and development in this area.

And as we move away from Europe and closer to “Global Britain”, the UK tech industry must match digital leaders such as the United States and Japan to remain competitive and economically stable.

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Shaz Memon is creative director at Digimax


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