Leading ERP specialist calls for businesses to develop better business knowledge to ensure effective ERP implementation

With the global manufacturing industry rapidly moving towards robotisation, automation and mass customisation, K3 Syspro, a leader in ERP solutions for the manufacturing and distribution sector, has called on UK businesses to act now to ensure they are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that Industry 4.0 presents.

Nick McGrane, Managing Director of K3 Syspro

Nick McGrane, Managing Director of K3 Syspro, is keen to highlight the risks that manufacturers face if they fail to prepare for the impact of current global trends: “The implications of Industry 4.0 cannot be underestimated. By failing to invest in technology or see the potential of technology to drive efficiency, businesses will at best stand still and at worst go backwards, losing any competitive edge they may once have enjoyed.”

With more and more manufacturers recognising the need to implement ERP or upgrade their legacy systems in order to future-proof their businesses for Industry 4.0, K3 Syspro is aiming to highlight the vital role that ‘better business knowledge’ can play in ensuring an effective ERP implementation. Nick explains: “The first step any business needs to take when preparing to introduce an ERP solution or upgrade their existing solution is to develop a detailed understanding of business processes. Rather than rushing to invest in automation, an in-depth understanding of the business processes must come first.”

Speaking to George Banna during a recent Business Reporter Studio Debate, Nick outlined some of the critical success factors when implementing ERP:

  • Identify a trusted partner: the chosen ERP partner should work with their customers at all levels, asking the difficult questions needed to ensure the end solution will improve and support their customers’ current and future business needs.
  • Communication is key to ensuring a smooth transition: it’s about ensuring that everyone understands what steps to take to get to where the business needs to be – and, importantly, that everyone remembers why they are making these changes in the first place. At K3 Syspro, we hand hold and support our clients through this process as a valued and trusted partner.
  • Look for an integrated solution: the chosen solution needs to be able to expand and grow with the business. An effective ERP partner should be able to deliver an integrated solution which can evolve and change with the business and can be scaled up if necessary.
  • Integrating with other internal and external systems and technology: the chosen solution should be capable of integrating with other technology such as web, edi, 3PL, automated warehousing, shop floor machinery, weigh scales, freight carriers, IOT and other connected products etc.

Nick concludes: “Undertaking a technology project can actually be the catalyst for a full business and methodology review. Implementing an ERP solution isn’t just about the technology, it’s about taking a deep look at the business needing that solution to better understand what they do, how they do it and often just as importantly why they do it. Unless you know the what, how and why, the deployed technology solution won’t bring measurable benefits. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that a business is much better positioned to face whatever demands is placed on it, both now and in the future as the UK manufacturing industry moves to fully embrace Industry 4.0.”

For more information, go to K3Syspro.com.


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