Chronos Therapeutics – researching solutions for degenerative and behavioural brain disease

Dr Huw Jones, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Helen Kuhlman, Vice President Corporate Development

Dr Fraser Murray, Chief Scientific Officer

Over one third of the world’s population will die of or with a brain disease according to the World Health Organisation. After chest infections and diarrheal diseases, brain disease is the third largest health burden globally with almost three times more people affected than those with cancer. Chronos Therapeutics, a semi-virtual company based in Oxford, UK is developing new drugs to address the degenerative and behavioural disease of the brain by matching their technology and expertise where the global unmet medical need is highest.

The company has a programme in the fatal motor neurone disease ALS that is approaching the clinic supported by very promising laboratory data. Chronos hopes that their potential new treatment, ChronoeuroTM, will complement existing treatments to provide relief of symptoms and prolong life in patients with this devastating condition.

"Disability is rapid in progression, reliant on family to act as carers, disengaged from society."

Chronos is also developing treatments that address the behavioural consequences of certain diseases like the fatigue that affects the majority of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). New therapies offer good control of the disability in MS but there is currently nothing available specifically for the fatigue that accompanies the condition. Chronos identified this niche of high medical need, developing the first treatment designed specifically to improve MS patients ability to engage more actively in life.

The company is also researching another important area of behavioural disease the addictive behaviours, binge eating disorder and alcohol use disorder. These huge societal problems need a highly specific approach to switch off the excessive reward that drives the aberrant behaviour. Current medicines have side effects or other issues that make them less than ideal. Chronos’ technology is aimed specifically at one brain pathway that is overactive giving the promise of reducing bingeing without affecting the enjoyment of daily life.

Chronos aims to be a public company in the next few years once its research is ready for trials in man – a private investment opportunity with plans that match its considerable ambitions.

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